Campus: Wing Technology Center

UW – La Crosse

The project involves a complete building update of the Wing Communication Center, which was originally constructed in 1956 as the campus library. The work included total remodeling of the original 60,845 square feet and the addition of 17,645 square feet. The goal was to create a campus hub for Information Technology and provide a home base for select academic departments.

The design retains the original entrances into the building and totally revamps the circulation and layout on all the floors. New additions were added to the building at the two corners to meet program objectives. A curved metal wing colonnade at the front elevation highlights the entrance and transitions the building to the adjacent historic Graff Main Hall. Projecting aluminum sun screens over the south elevation windows incorporate cool daylighting principals into the building. The project was awarded the 2002 Wisconsin Division of State Facilities Excellence in Architectural Design Award.