Churches: Shrine of
Our Lady of Guadalupe

La Crosse, WI

The focal point of the entire Shrine of Our Lady of Guadalupe complex, and in the tradition of pilgrimage churches, the Shrine Church is set on a cleared promontory and visible from afar. Limited by the steep, heavily wooded site the cruciform footprint of the building hugs the hillside. Crossing the entry plaza to the Church proper, composed of simple forms laid in local stone, one enters into an exceptional interior emphasizing quality and the integration of the arts. This relatively small 21,000 square foot church radiates such a sense of grandeur that it feels like a much larger building. The Church, which seats 450, is designed in a classical manner with transepts befitting the devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary. The church transcends the everyday and provides solace for the pilgrim. This project was assisted by the Owner’s Liturgical Design consultant Duncan Stroik, AIA.