Residential: Private

De Soto, WI

This contemporary house is strategically set into a bluff top clearing surrounded by 40 acres of rural wooded setting. The house rises from the hillside and extends into the landscape to define a series of outdoor spaces. Within the house, spaces unfold to reveal views to the distant landscape. The timber framed living spaces are organized around a central exterior court. An abundance of openings allow light to flood inward illuminating the various interconnected levels giving the home a feeling of openness. The owners’ studio space is connected to the rest of the house by the distinct concrete lookout tower.

The collection of familiar forms recalls the vernacular of simple rural structures. Modern detailing of common materials merges a contemporary expression with the rural landscape. Scale was carefully considered, and each element of the structure is sited to blend with the hillside and minimize disruption to the natural landscape. The project was presented a Merit Award in 2009 by the Wisconsin Society of Architects.