Residential: Private

La Crosse, WI

The owners were not interested in a home that was overbearing and the result is a residence firmly rooted in the past yet contemporary, the 9,850 square foot Shingle Style house sits on an extraordinary piece of land with panoramic views of Lake Onalaska. To keep the house from seeming overly grand, sweeping roofs were designed to cut down the scale of the home. This allows the house to fit in perfectly with its surroundings.

The interior spaces are arranged along a simple circulation path with open staircases on each end. As you enter the foyer the space opens to the grand hallway with views to the exterior porch and the lake beyond. The second floor is contained within the dormered gables of the roof, thereby keeping the profile of the house as low as possible. The interior detailing is designed in a traditional way to give the home a sense of timelessness and place.