Residential: Private

La Crosse, WI

This 7,200 square foot Prairie-style home is located on the banks of the Black River. All major rooms are oriented towards sweeping vistas of the river and the Wisconsin bluffs. The massing of the home is understated with simple roof lines and large overhangs. Every convenience was met in programming the homeā€”from a 3-car heated garage to the four immaculate bedroom suites and a gourmet kitchen with all the amenities.

For the interior the owner desired a blend of modern details with a touch of the traditional prairie style. The spaces are light and airy with white woodwork and sculptured ceilings throughout and wall space large enough for acquired artwork displays. The design incorporates highly polished cabinetry in the kitchen, polished marble floors in the foyer, and the use of stainless steel and glass at the grand stairs. This sleek style is contrasted by the texture of the natural stone that is used on the main fireplace.