River Architects, Inc. is managed by two architects, Val Schute and Mike Swinghamer. This partnership is effective because of their mutual understanding of, and agreement on, architectural issues and their complementary skills in project development. The architects combine their varied architectural experience, approaches, and backgrounds to broaden their perspective and analytical skills. This allows for a comprehensive overview and understanding of the project.

The firm is organized around project type studios that are directed by each partner and relate specifically to their individual interests. Each partner is responsible for their respective studio's advancement and creative nurturing. There is spirited and engaging cross-over and exchanges that constantly benefit all the projects in the office.

Within the firm, a dedicated team of resourceful professionals, also with diverse and complementary skills, support the partners. The collective and focused talents of each of the firm's members ensure the success of your project.

  • Clinton L. Rasmussen, Assoc. AIA
  • Cody Chelminiak, Assoc. AIA
  • Sarah Klenfeldt, Assoc. AIA
  • Emily Staed, Accounting Manager
  • Heidi Fairey, Office Coordinator

River Architects is truly a collaborative firm. Each member of the firm is an integral part of the architectural process. The atmosphere is inclusive, supportive, and enthusiastic. Everyone shares the commitment and dedication to strive for architectural excellence on every project.